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​La Sierra Tree & Palm is a unit of La Sierra Ranch established in 1921 as a farming and ranching concern founded by the pioneer Amado family who began to establish roots in our valley in 1852. We've been taking care of  trees in Green Valley and Sahuarita since the early 1980s and through years of experience recognizes the delicate equilibrium between having open sun drenched mountain vistas and the cool intimate songbird sanctuaries of the shadowed garden which properly placed trees and shrubs contribute to our neighborhoods and the recreational and shopping areas of our community. Our goal is to work with our clients to find this balance and conserve the best of both perspectives.

Trees and palms are an invaluable asset to our community and need to be maintained in a healthy, safe and attractive condition. Trees can also be a source of problems and irritation to property owners if not placed in a suitable location. Disease and the natural phenomenon of extreme climates, wind and rain can also be a source of problems with trees causing blow overs because of shallow roots or poor soil conditions; broken foliage and branches. Many times trees shrubs need to removed or pruned back for expansion plans; shallow roots many times cause uplift of walls patios driveways etc. Lightening damage is also a common problem during the summer monsoon. As our community matures, many of our pioneer trees and palms are reaching the end of their natural lifespan and need to be removed and perhaps replaced. That's where our AZ tree removal expertise comes in. We give free initial consultation to HOAs, private property owners or commercial owners seeking to find solutions to horticultural issues of all kinds. We pride ourselves in having a longstanding reputation of finding solutions to tree and shrub problems that benefit the customer over and above our own bottom line. We like to consider ourselves the premier tree service in Green Valley and the surrounding areas. We would like to work to have you consider that as well. Wade Lankford
7:30 to 5:30 Mon to Sat, 12:00to 5 Sunday
Phone: (520) 405-1824 cell, 625-2837 office, and e-mail:

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